Training of Trainers
in Non-violent
Conflict Transformation

The Training of Trainers will be carried out by an international core team of experienced trainers who will be supported by various resource persons.
This training course prepares to work as trainers in nonviolent conflict transformation. For the first time five European training centres offer an international training of trainers with a transcultural approach. The course leads participants to a solid qualification as trainers and enables them to use the new skills for their professional work. The trainees will learn special tools for handling conflicts and crisis situations within communities and groups.

The Program - Objectives

The Training Course "trainer in conflict transformation" will

  • Raise awareness about and enhance confidence in the possibility of the peaceful transformation of conflict;
  • Assess and enhance existing conflict resolution practices;
  • Create an awareness of a wider spectrum of conflict transformation options;
  • Equip participants with knowledge and basic conflict transformation skills;
  • Enhance trainees' new conflict transformation skills;
  • Empower participants to carry out conflict transformation training in teams and initiate co-operation between participants as a basis for future training work ;
  • Identify potential linkages and partnerships for multiplying the training outreach and the impact of the skills development.

Who should apply?

  • People wanting to become more effectively involved in alleviating or transforming conflicts at the interpersonal, national or international level
  • Activists and professionals working for peace, environmental or human rights organisations
  • Teachers and coordinators involved in educational programs, youth programs and social work
  • Professionals in community development, human service or religious organisations
  • People working with humanitarian projects
  • those who want to work as trainers in nonviolent conflict transformation, either at home or abroad

The courses are designed for people working in the field at various levels of experience and skills.

Requirements for participation

  • Professional training completed
  • Working knowledge of English
  • Experience in working with groups and in the field of conflict transformation in social or international settings


  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae (with list of completed education and trainings as well as work experience)
  • Essay explaining the motivation and interest in non-violent conflict transformation and training work
  • Interview with the trainers

The deadline for application was: 08.08.2005

The start date of a new course has not yet been decided upon. Please enquire for more information.

Length of the Training Course

49 training days at different training locations in Europe (Germany, Slovakia, Rumania, Italy and the Netherlands).

Fees for the program

49 days of training including materials, board and lodging will cost 5.500,-€ (for Western European countries) or 2.200,-€ (for eastern European countries).
The travel expenses can partly be reimbursed: For participants from Western Europe up to 40% (per travel maximum 100 Euro) and for participants from Eastern Europe up to 100% (per travel maximum 250 Euro).
Participants might apply for scholarship from the Grundtvig 3-Programme of the European Union.

Payment arrangements

  Western Europe Eastern Europe
Until 1st Sept. 05 Euro 1.200,- Euro 475,-
Until 1st Dec. 05 Euro 1.200,- Euro 475,-
Until 1st March 06 Euro 1.200,- Euro 475,-
Until 1st June 06 Euro 1.200,- Euro 475,-
Until 1st Sept. 06 Euro    700,- Euro 300,-

Payments are to be made to:

Bank: Kreissparkasse Wustrow
Acc.: 600 1333
BLZ: 258 513 35
IBAN: DE51 2585 1335 0006 0013 33