Hagen Berndt is working as trainer and consultant on nonviolent conflict transformation in Germany, West Africa and in the Middle East. He was former managing director of KURVE Wustrow and has faciliated nonviolence training in Europe and South Asia. Hagen Berndt has also been working with Peace Brigades International, coordinating their volunteer trainings for the Sri Lanka Project, and has worked on issues of nonviolent intervention in areas of crisis.

Dr. Ruth Mischnick is a lawyer, sociologist and psychologist who wrote her dissertation in criminology/mediation. As a trainer and scientist she has been working with AFK (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung) in different fields of peace, conflict and related pedagogy issues since 1995. She has led seminars and workshops in several countries and works as a free lance psychologist specialized in trauma work, supervision and group work. Recently she has also worked as a consultant for EED in Banda Aceh giving seminars in trauma healing for conflict parties and concerning the aftermath of the Tsunami.

Jan Mihalik, has a diploma in social work and post graduated in Social Development Practice at London Metropolitan University. He has worked as a trainer and consultant for NGOs and public administration. He is specialised in working with organisations that focuses on youth issues and community development.